Gas Fire Servicing Salford

We can undertake a full service of your gas or LPG fire, we can also repair your gas fire or flue in the unfortunate event of a breakdown.

gas fire servicing salford & manchesterSearching for a good quality Gas Fire servicing Salford or Manchester?
The best way to definitely know that your gas fire is safe is to get it serviced, a gas fire service is additionally a fantastic way to increase productivity and may occasionally find defects that you might not have been aware of.
The price for gas fire servicing Salford:
One appliance:
Right now we charge FROM the reduced price of £55  for a gas fire service.
2 appliances (includes free safety check):
If you want a pair of appliances serviced (i.e a fire and a central heating boiler) the cost is £80 we shall likewise complete a cost-free gas safety check of the full property.
We’re likewise in a position to complete a Boiler service should you require.

Detailed guideline on what gas fire servicing Salford involves:

1. We prepare the area with a dust sheet to be sure your home remains as clean as when we appeared.
2. We take off the gas fire and closure plate from the wall.
3. We clean and look over the chimney, burners,heat exchanger and coals/radiants being sure that they’re totally free of debris and dust.
4. We use a smoke bomb to make sure the chimney has adequate pull and is unblocked.
5. We take a burner pressure or gas rate which informs us if the burner’s heat output is fine
6. We test the operation of the fire in every settings.
7. We restore the closure plate and closure plate tape and re-install the fire.
8. We finish our coffee or tea, clean up our stuff and then leave.


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