boiler servicing in salford

Boiler Servicing in Salford


Gaswise Plumbing & Heating offer low priced boiler servicing throughout Salford & Manchester. Fully qualified and locally famous were Gas Safe Registered and proud members of the BNI, where reputation, fair pricing and exceptional service really does matter,

boiler servicing in salfordBoiler Servicing in Salford

A recent survey showed that as few as 55% of home-owners get their heating apparatus professionally serviced at least one time per year. As with anything, to book and pay for boiler servicing in Salford while your system looks to be in full working order can seem like an uncalled for expense. However, an annual boiler service is the safest and most cost – efficient way to run your heating system, and can have several valuable effects:-

  • Major increase to the life span of the boiler.
  • Enhances proficiency of system.
  • Early diagnosis of potential concerns.
  • Lowers energy expenses.
  • Saves pricey repairs.
  • Detection of terminal carbon monoxide leaking.

Boiler servicing in Salford must only be executed by licensed Gas Safe boiler engineers, as it ensures your boilers safety along with the safety of the people in your household. A malfunctioning boiler can become hazardous quickly, and this risk is lessened through routine boiler servicing by a qualified professional.

Gas Wise Plumbing & Heating are fully Gas Safe registered and offer the best prices in Salford for routine servicing, please call for a free quote.



  • Reliability & timekeeping 100%
  • Tidiness 100%
  • Courtesy 100%
  • Workmanship 100%
  • Charged as per quote 100%
boiler servicing in salford

Low Cost Boiler Servicing in Salford

boiler servicing in salfordWhen boilers remain non-active for any lengthy time period, as many do over the summer season, they get more prone to clogging and seizing. These issues might not be visible to start with, but tend to quickly come to your attention when it’s time to run your boiler through the much cooler months. It is recommended that all boilers be serviced at least one time yearly, and the perfect time to get this servicing accomplished is at the end of summer before the autumn chill starts to set in. By having your boiler serviced at this time, you’ll be able to trust that your boiler works safely and efficiently for you all winter long.

At Gaswise Plumbing & Heating, our Gas Safe registered engineers guarantee to carry out annual boiler servicing in Salford in a safe, professional, and cost efficient way. We’re a highly recommended organisation, and the majority of our customers return to us over and again.

boiler servicing salfordWhy is it necessary to undertake boiler servicing in Salford yearly?

Its essential that all of your gas appliances are serviced each year. Not only does it ensure your appliance has less risk of breakdown, but its also vital to ensure the basic safety of your family members. Gas appliances that aren’t serviced and checked could possibly be making abnormal quantities of carbon monoxide. This is an odourless and tasteless gas which kills. Our Gas Safe engineers will ensure your appliances are safe to use and your family members are safe by means of thorough boiler servicing in Salford and Manchester.

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