power flushing in salford

Power Flushing in Salford


Gaswise Plumbing & Heating offer low prices for power flushing in Salford & Manchester. Operating from Worsley were fully Gas Safe Registered and long term members of the BNI. Free quotes.


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power flushing salfordWhat is a Powerflush?

Power flushing in Salford is the most efficient way of thoroughly cleaning a central heating system. It provides substantial benefit to the proficiency of a system which is loaded with sludge.

Does your system have any of the following?

Cool spots on radiators?
Is the central heating system slow-moving to warm-up?
Do your radiators need bleeding often?
Is the water inside the system grubby?
Are there repetitive pump breakdowns?
Have you got a loud boiler?

Each of these symptoms could suggest that your system is encountering circulation issues from internal deterioration . resulting in sludge. This in turn means your heating system needs to work considerably longer and much harder than when it was new to achieve a comfortable room temperature, wasting energy and money on your energy bills.

Should you have a new boiler fitted, a lot of manufactures insist your system is power flushed before the boiler is fitted or they may cancel the warranty. This is because they know the dirty water will lessen the efficiency, and can result in early breakdowns making power flushing in Salford a must.



power flushing salford
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Low Prices on Power Flushing in Salford & Manchester

What will a powerflush do?

A very powerful pump will be linked to your central heating system. This will pump water round at high velocity to release the sludge and debris that’s making your boiler system inefficient. Linked to the pump is a very powerful magnet, this grabs the sludge (metal deposits) as they pass by.

Chemicals will be added to assist in this process, this is consequently pumped through all of the radiators individually to get the most effective results.

All of the sludge water will then be replaced with new clean water, and an inhibitor is added onto the system to counteract any additional corrosion from sludge forming. A powerflush can generally be accomplished in 6-8 hours.

After the Powerflush you’re going to get:

An entirely cleaned, productive system
Functioning warm radiators
Reduced gas bills
Competitive Price tags from £240! for up to Seven radiators.


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